A step-by-step playbook to build a successful trading career and beat the odds in one of the world's most challenging games.

You can turn a dream into a reality

And it can be simpler than you think...

In One Million Dollar Trader, Marcelo invites you into the trading world. A domain that many aspire to, but few genuinely thrive.

This transformative book challenges the idea that trading success is achieved through endless activities and emphasizes intentional, high-quality actions instead.

By distilling complex trading philosophies into three core and simple principles — Do Less, Do Better, Do Bigger  Marcelo offers a refreshing and potent blueprint to succeed at trading the markets.

  •  DO LESS:  By focusing only on strategies aligned with one's unique identity and skill set, traders can eliminate the noise, reduce costly mistakes, and find their niche in the market. Quality over quantity every day in the week.
  •  DO BETTER:  Instead of chasing every potential opportunity, the book underscores the importance of refining skills, fixing key mistakes, and mastering strategies to an elite level. Continuous improvement and striving for excellence ensure that each trade taken has the highest probability of success.
  •  DO BIGGER:  By leveraging their refined skills and strategies, traders can confidently take on larger trades. This approach accelerates the journey to the one million dollar mark, but more importantly, it does so with minimized risk.


It's a philosophy that emphasizes purposeful, quality-driven actions. It urges traders to break away from the chaos of the market (and from social media) and embark on a new path that leads to strategic, intentional, and successful trading.

You can read my story here.

Hi, I'm Marcelo

I began trading in 2007 and lost 50% of my money in the first two years. I learned early on that trading is so challenging for the unprepared. 

Despite my first failed attempt, I didn't give up. I made it my mission to learn how to think and act like a true professional trader, no matter how long it would take.

In 2016, thanks to many years of practicing and help from my mentors, I left my corporate job to become a full-time trader.

Today, I trade and manage a mid-size fund for a close circle of family & friends. I have the life I always dreamed of.

It took me a whole decade to achieve success in trading. Looking back, I wish there was a book like this that I could have read when I was starting out.

It would have made my journey faster, simpler, and safer. And that's exactly what I want for you after you read it.